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Bad Honnef is also known as the “Rivera on the Rhein”. IUBH student Luca tells about his place of study in our blog: goo.gl/1sJrZw

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Walking down memory lane on Campus Bad Honnef

With a turnout of over 170 guests, the IUBH Alumni Meeting last weekend was a great success! Alumni from various study programmes – some of whom started their studies in Bad Honnef as early as 2004 - came together for a weekend of exchanging memories, visiting familiar places and lots of fun and laughter. 😊

Thank you to everyone who made this a very memorable reunion – looking forward to 2019!

This week at IUBH we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Jonas Rothe, CEO and Founder of TimeRide for a guest talk at IUBH Campus Studies Bad Honnef. TimeRide is a virtual reality time-travel experience located in Cologne. The company is the first in Germany to provide a virtual tourism experience where visitors go back in time and have a tour of Cologne in 1910. The presentation is part of the course “Business and Marketing Research”, lectured by Prof. Dr. Francisco Tigre Moura.

Ms. Anne Wegner, coordinator of the local Bad Honnef Youth Group at Amnesty International (here with Prof. Dr. Legrand) conducted a morning seminar with the Major in Sustainability students discussing the role and responsibilities of the tourism and hospitality industry towards human rights. 😊
Following the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism at the recent ITB Berlin, a topic of extreme importance to the future of our industry.

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IUBH Alumna makes a difference

Working with Green Communities is all about making a difference! Ms. Julia Schröder (IUBH ’11), Country Manager at Green Communities Costa Rica spent a morning on campus Bad Honnef discussing her move from a successful Sales Management career in hospitality to follow her passion in sustainability by joining Green Communities and working in sustainable tourism in Costa Rica - we’ll look forward to welcome you back soon again! In the meantime, watch for the future IUBH Voluntourists in Costa Rica!


It is time for the fourth “IUBH 3 Minute Research Competition”. On May 24th this semester’s competition will take place with students presenting their research/ideas/projects. Students have ONE PowerPoint slide (without animation) and THREE minutes only.

Students from ALL programs and in ALL semesters can participate! Have a look at the video of one of last semester’s presentations and submit your abstract and slide by May 18th.
Prof. Francisco Tigre Moura and Prof. Clare Hindley look forward to a lively and inspiring competition.

Field trip „Start-Up Marketing“ in Berlin 🏙️
Berlin is the place to be if you are interested in starting your own business or working for a start-up. Therefore, today IUBH Berlin students in the major „International Marketing“ visited „Factory Berlin“ with Prof. Dr. Cansu Oral.
During the visit and a talk held by „Le Wagon“ students found out about start-up marketing and how a startup development team can be efficient with the right workflow in place.😊

More and more frequently, the first job interview is now conducted via Skype or telephone. 📞🖥️
But that also has its pitfalls.
Find out how to shine in part 7 "The telephone interview" of our series "How to make a strong application?" on our blog: https://goo.gl/cs6Yec

TAKE OFF! 2018

We need your votes!
Our Tourism Management students David, Florentin and Roman participate in this year’s Accor Hotel Take Off Challenge. Their task: Conceive the perfect Pop-Up Hotel that will move with your groove, wherever you need it!

Now it is time to vote for their team "Joe's Caravan" to bring them to the next round:

What our students say about IUBH | Aviation Management

What our students say about IUBH

Bachelor student Satyaki tells us more about studying at IUBH Campus Studies and points out the benefits. :)

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Hospitality Field Trip to Frankfurt 😊

Last week a group of Hospitality students from Campus Bad Honnef visited the luxury hotels Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof and Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt. 🏙️
Tobias Schweizer, IUBH alumnus and Rooms Division Management Trainee, and F&B manager Marvel Gimbel took time for our students and gave them interesting insights into the different hotel areas and responsibilities.
The trip was organized by IUBH students Hubertus Kempen, Janina Duch and Jakob Rametsteiner: Thank you! ❤️

IUBH Hospitality Field Trips: https://www.facebook.com/IUBH-Hospitality-Field-Trips-168073417121019/?ref=br_rs

More about the Field Trip on our website: https://goo.gl/L7vaSp

Did you manage to get an invitation for an interview? Congratulations!👍🎉 However, you should not yet pop the champagne corks: now is the time when the work really starts. In order to leave the best possible personal impression on your potential employer, you need to be well prepared for your interview. Read in our blog on how to succeed and what you need to pay attention to: https://goo.gl/hdA1rh

IUBH Dublin

How about Ireland? ☘️

From Bad Honnef to Washington - Der IUBH Blog

IUBH Graduate Christoph Heyn works for a large hotel chain – and is revolutionizing the industry: his digital innovation saves the guest a lot of time. Read more in our IUBH Blog: https://goo.gl/bXwocS

“The industry is in a state of constant change. But that� is what makes it so exciting” - Der IUBH Blog

"We are very proud that 87% of our graduates go on to work in the industry as soon as they graduate, as they are in such demand."
Aviation expert Prof Dr Christoph Brützel discusses the Aviation Management programme, the fine details of business administration – and the romantic world above the clouds: goo.gl/UsV1fn ✈️✈️

Our Easter Bunny is undercover this year. 😜🧔
Maybe you will catch him at hiding Easter eggs.🐰
We wish you Happy Easter and a restful long weekend!

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Orientation Days at Campus Berlin - welcome freshers! 🎉 😃
A lot of our new students visited our campus at the German capital for the first preparations at the beginning of their studies next week. A warm welcome to IUBH and all the best for your studies!

Bachelor International Management student Felix Malldorf is the lucky winner of an iPad at IUBH campus Bad Honnef. The iPad was raffled off among the participants of last semesters’ service evaluation.

Thank you to all for taking part and congratulations to Felix! 🎉

UNESCO World Water Day 2018 „Nature for Water“ 💧

More than 380 children participated in the BHAG art work competition under the motto „Nature for Water“.
Enjoy the art work presented by children from local kindergartens and elementary schools at IUBH Campus Bad Honnef.😊

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IUBH on the largest exchange fair in the world 🌎 – EDUEXPO

This fair in São Paulo, Brazil supports students to discover educational opportunities all over the world. On 16th to 17th March our study advisors from IUBH were also there and helped interested students to find the right study programme and destination for their next adventure.😊

IUBH Dublin


Beware of stereotypes: Commercial law – neither fish nor fowl? - Der IUBH Blog

Beware of stereotypes: Commercial law – neither fish nor fowl?🤔
Isn’t that just ‘law-lite’, for people who are scared of state examinations? IUBH student Yalcin clears up the clichés once and for all: https://goo.gl/WxLSvL

Welcome to our new IUBH Dublin facebook page!

On this page you will hear lots of news about our new overseas campus in Dublin, Ireland, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.
We will be offering Master & MBA courses in Dublin and you could be there with IUBH !

For more details please click http://www.iubh.ie
Dia Dhuit!! ☘️☘️


“Who wants to go on holiday to a place where the beach is littered with rubbish and the water is polluted?” 🤔 IUBH Prof. Willy Legrand talks to us about the Hotel Yearbook 2018 and the importance of sustainability for the hospitality and tourism industry: goo.gl/pbBAwb

Health Management: Helping as a profession - Der IUBH Blog

The healthcare industry is booming – and expectations on applicants are rising. But what exactly are you doing there? IUBH student Zlata Kenjar gives an insight: https://goo.gl/xiKRee

From river cruises to hotel management: a degree with the travel bug effect - Der IUBH Blog

From river cruises to hotel management: In the tourism and hotel management industries, there are dream jobs all over the world. IUBH alumna Jennifer Böckmann has one of them: https://goo.gl/fSNttn

Deutscher Hotelnachwuchs-Preis

Congratulations to Astrid Krauß! Our alumna is in the finals of the German hotel junior award (Deutscher Hotelnachwuchs-Preis). We'll keep our fingers crossed for the decision on April, 7th 🤞🤞

Germans are happy when on holiday | IUBH.de

For most Germans it is a set ritual: pack up the suitcases at least once a year, get away from it all and recharge ones batteries. But how happy are Germans really on holiday and what makes a holiday a happy one?

Within the framework of their IUBH Tourism Radar 2018 and in cooperation with the opinion research institute YouGov, IUBH explored this question: https://goo.gl/NAEhpH

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IUBH goes Ireland! 😀

Culture, Literary Wonderland, or just the Green landscape ⛰️ ? What do you like about Ireland? We love a lot, therefore we offer you the opportunity to study at our new Irish IUBH campuses in Dublin and Killarney starting next winter semester!
We are looking forward to welcome the very first IUBH students to the green island 🗾

More information on our website: https://goo.gl/6Bqn6p

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How to find good travel advice? In this matter more and more travel customers use social media platforms such as blogs and Facebook. The tourism industry has also understood this trend and is increasingly focusing on digital multipliers in its communication activities.

Our IUBH professors Dr. Linda Schnorbus and Dr. Ina zur Oven-Krockhaus are currently doing research on this subject and gave a first lecture at the ITB Berlin.

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What our students say about IUBH

What our students say about IUBH

Bachelor student Hubertus tells us more about studying at IUBH Campus Studies and points out the benefits.

Bad where? 🤔
We know Bad Honnef isn´t necessarily known for its size or for world-famous attractions. However, the city has much to offer such as the Drachenfels ⛰️ or the Rolandsbogen. You can explore these and other interesting places of the city here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLKE5ZfBO-A

creator: Stadt Bad Honnef

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Studying in Bad Honnef during winter semester ❄️– an international perspective

We want to know what our students like most about the place where they study. Omar shows us the perspective of an international student on Bad Honnef: https://goo.gl/ZtrUsm

An international start at IUBH 🌍🌎🌏

Yesterday, about 90 students joined our "International Student Prep Day" in Bad Honnef to receive important guidance and information related to studies in Germany and at IUBH.

Welcome to our new students from all over the world! 😊

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Construction time at ITB Berlin 😊💪 Who is going to visit us during the fair? March 7-11, hall 11.1, booth 103: goo.gl/w2IwPv

Beware of stereotypes: Business IT specialists 👩‍💻👨‍💻– the best of both worlds?

Wild rumours and stereotypes circulate about many professions and degree programmes. Our insiders from the respective degree programmes dispels the clichés once and for all. Read more here: https://goo.gl/7EeXXi

Career Test

What career type are you?

in cooperation with Universum we give our students the chance to participate to a career test.

Start the test now and and get feedback on questions such as:
> What salary expectations should I have?
> What soft skills are employers looking for?
> What career type am I?


At the end of the test, there will be a eBook about soft skills, which are relevant for employers, for free download. Additionally Universum will draw 10 Raspberry Pi 3 off to ten participants of the test.

Fairness and efficiency in railway freight transport - Der IUBH Blog

Many goods in Europe are still transported by railway. In order for that to function, train driver satisfaction and motivation is crucial – efficiency and fairness must be taken into account when scheduling railway crews. IUBH Prof Dr Silke Jütte conducted research on this topic: https://goo.gl/D1F1vR


Congratulations to our Hospitality Management students Katharina Pantle, Maximilian Pittke, Till Hoddick and Till Pitzner who represented IUBH during the EMCup 2018 taking place in Masstricht earlier this week.

The team underpinned their quality in several rounds including academic paper, pitching, case work and a debate. As proof of their quality the two awards for “Best Academic Paper” and “Best Debate” were won by the students for IUBH! 🏆🏆

Read more: https://goo.gl/NDq9Wb

How to make a strong application – Part 5: Applying by email - Der IUBH Blog

How to make a strong application – Part 5
In order to reduce time and costs, more and more companies prefer to receive job applications via email rather than by classic mail.
When applying by email, you need to pay attention to a few particularities: https://goo.gl/FhGMuV

On the weekend of the 13-15th of April 2018, your IUBH campus Bad Honnef welcomes all alumni to join us for the first edition of the IUBH Alumni Reunion Weekend.
Rolling under the theme "Friends - Memories - Connections", we will create a wonderful weekend full of joy, fun, networking opportunities and food & drinks:

Friday evening
> Welcoming & Bar-Night @ Charly's Lounge

> Open Campus Day - be there and get in touch with current and new students, tell them about the experiences you made at IUBH and how it got you to the point where you are at now!
> International Food Day – get inspired by the famous local cuisines of our international students
> Networking Dinner @ anno restaurant
> 90´s Party @ VOICE Club Bad Honnef

Get your ticket now:
This pass includes: Welcome drink & BBQ @ Charly´s on Friday night / Special treats on Saturday during the Open Campus Day / Drinks and food at the Networking Dinner
*Special requests will be up for self-pay!

We also offer special room rates @ avendi Hotel Bad Honnef:
> Double 1 night: 100,00 €
> Double 2 nights: 80,00 € per night
> Single 1 night: 65,00 €
> Single 2 nights: 55,00 € per night
Reservations to: Reservierung-badhonnef1@seminaris.de
Code: Alumni-Reunion 2018

Get reaaaaaaaaaaady to rumble!


What can Xing & LinkedIn do?
Networks are becoming increasingly important: already more than 50% of all jobs are found via our own network – and the number is rising. With this in mind, we asked our Career Office expert if Xing and LinkedIn are worthwhile tools for pursuing a career. You can read the full interview here: https://goo.gl/pxktzY

Enjoying the cold but beautiful weather on IUBH Campus Bad Honnef!
Spring might not be here yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t soak up the first rays of sun :)

Do you think business admin students are strange and unable to do much of anything? Those are just stereotypes! Our student Max dispels the clichés for once and for all – read more here: https://goo.gl/3WtLbY

How to make a strong application – Part 4
Have you found a job vacancy that you want to apply for? Here we show you all the documents that should be part of your application:

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EMCup Final Day! Our IUBH team Nais is ready to bring the trophy home 🏆
Today's agenda: pitches, cases and debates.

Good luck to our team Till Pitzner, Katharina Pantle, Till Hoddick, Maximilian Pittke and their coaches Beverly Willson-Wünsch & Tim Kaltenborn 😊🍀

IUBH Campus Berlin

Berlin Calling 🎬
You always wanted to get to know the big city Berlin and the IUBH campus there? We show you the diversity of this capital and why it is so attractive to students. Have a look and enjoy!

Find your course at IUBH: https://goo.gl/tV6hWA

“Top Business School” IUBH | IUBH.de

IUBH has been awarded the title “Top Business School” in the Focus Money DEUTSCHLAND TEST of educational providers :) 🏆
Read more: https://goo.gl/p3TbLV

How to make a strong application – Part 3 🙂

Have you found an interesting job advertisement? Great. Now you just need to understand all the German personnel jargon so you can figure out if you are a good fit for the advertised position. Part 3 of our series helps you to do this – read more: https://goo.gl/fgviFf